Couple/Family Sessions for Healthy Relationships

CCL energy medicine offers couples, or families individualized healing treatments

Restoring Balance and Wholeness to Relationships and Families

CCL energy medicine offers couples, or families individualized healing treatments in a safe, nonjudgmental space, creating a renewed sense of wholeness, hope, and intimacy.

Conflict, illness, trauma, and life stressors can destabilize relationships and families. Treating the subtle energy patterns of a couple or family group can effectively restore wholeness and create uplifting change. Cathy uses ancient and effective energy medicine techniques that release obstructions to healthy, authentic living. CCL energy medicine can create inner freedom and a calm, loving return to our innate state of happiness – both of which are essential for healthy relationships. Cathy uses the same non-touch approach and subtle body techniques used for individual sessions. Couples or family, however, are treated together as one unit.

Allow your subtle body to inform and transform your actions so you can be a positive, loving, and creative force in your most important relationships.

60 minute session


90 minute session


Thoughts from a client...

Cathy has helped my entire family and me with her energy healing. Her sessions always leave us feeling peaceful and less stressed. She has so much knowledge, wisdom and is a truly gifted energy worker - not to mention she is the most intuitive person I have ever met. Her energy medicine strengthens me, my marriage, and family through life’s challenges. I am so grateful to have found her.
~ L. L.

Experience a space of unconditional love, healing and acceptance as you share your journey, your concerns and seek direction from within.

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