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Gain Insight, Solve Problems, Return to Yourself

Many of us have experienced the feeling of being stuck, confused, or a sense of loss. Perhaps we are trying to discover the bigger picture of life. CCL energy medicine often reveals intuitive insights – both past and present – which assist individuals in discovering the innate wisdom and clarity needed to self-heal. This process allows the client to experience direct personal knowledge, which in turn, creates clarity, freedom, and inspiration. The mind can unfortunately create suffering. However, balancing subtle energies allows for heartfelt insight and transcendental wisdom. CCL Energy Medicine intuitive counseling allows a return to that innate state of being which can connect with honesty, integrity, and wholeness. Sessions may be in person or over the phone.

Adult 60 min.


Teen/Child 60 min.


Distance Energy Session

30-minute treatment
phone consultation


Thoughts from a client...

Cathy has a true gift for intuitive healing. Her energy medicine treatments left me with an improved state of inner peace, clarity, and balance. She creates an atmosphere of calm assurance and is a wonderful person to know. I highly recommend Cathy’s energy treatments
~ K. P.

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