Individual Sessions for Subtle Body Healing

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Healing Through the Subtle Body

Well-being is a natural, innate state. Freedom, happiness, health, and love are birthrights that provide us with a sense of balance and ease. We feel “dis-ease” when becoming estranged from natural wholeness by the pressures of modern living. Energy medicine is a foundation for positive change and provides restorative grounding for wellness. CCL Energy Medicine activates the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself, integrating subtle energies in a safe, effective, and individualized manner. Restored sense of wholeness, peace of mind, and positive physical, mental, and emotional outcomes can last long after treatment ends.

Treatment Without Touch

Wholeness, Stillness, Quietude and Centering

Wondering what to expect in a session? We sit across from one another in my office or your home/business and have a short conversation discussing any issues affecting your life and well-being. We may take time to discuss concerns or issues before beginning the first of two treatments. The client generally sits quietly and comfortably with eyes closed, drifting into a deep place of relaxation. Various aspects of the subtle body are treated to balance, integrate, and cleanse energy patterns without direct physical touch. 60-minute sessions include a 15-minute intake and assessment, chakra balancing and tuning, aura clearings, mudra medicine, subtle body restorative work, and follow-up intuitive guidance.

Wholeness, stillness, quietude, and centering, plus physical and emotional insight are frequent descriptions of the experience.



Thoughts from a client...

Cathy has been nothing short of life-changing for me. I was diagnosed with soft tissue cancer in early 2018. It was a scary time for me and my family. Since starting the energy sessions with Cathy, I have been able to go through my surgery, chemo, and radiation with her assistance every step of the way. Her wisdom, guidance, kindness, and care has led me to a path of incredible self-discovery- which has brought about a lot of positive life style changes. I am very grateful for her energy work and health coaching and would highly recommend her services.”
~ J. G.

Engage in life from a place of wholeness, love, vitality and strength. Energy Medicine: a path to wellbeing.

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